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By Menno Meyjes 

Awards & Festivals:
European Film Premiere in Göteborg International Film Festival, with attendance of director Menno Meyes.
World Premiere at Toronto Film Festival  

Genre: Psychological Drama, Thriller

Serge knows something, otherwise he would not have made reservations in this fancy restaurant. Babette knows something too, otherwise she wouldn’t be crying. Hopefully they won’t tell Claire, because she doesn’t know anything.
And Paul… Paul knows everything.
The brothers Serge (Daan Schuurmans) a politician whose in the running to become president, and Paul Lohman (Jacob Derwig), a dismissed history teacher, now housekeeping, are taking their wives Babette and Claire out to dinner. They talk about everyday casualties, but at the same time there is an obvious tension. They all avoid the subject they actually should be talking about: their children. They did something terrible that can ruin their future. But who knows what?
…and how far would you go as a parent to protect your child?

Jacob Derwig: Paul
Thekla Reuten: Claire
Daan Schuurmans: Serge
Kim Van Kooten: Babette
Jonas Smulders: Michel

Director Biography:
Menno Meyjes is a well-known writer and director. He wrote the Academy Awards nominee The Color Purple and also collaborated with director Steven Spielberg on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
In 2008 Meyjes directed the film Manolete with Penelope Cruz and Adrien Brody. 

Screenplay: Menno Meyjes
Director of Photography: Sander Snoep, nsc
Editor: Michiel Reichwein, nce
Costume Designer: Marion Boot, Marian van Nieuwenhuyzen
First Assistant Director: Gerrit Martijn
Composer: Fons Merkies
Sound Design: Peter Flamman
Line Producer: Erwin Godschalk
Executive Producer: Ronald van Wechem
Casting: Kemna Casting
Make up: Marjon Hoogendoorn
Executive producer: Ronald van Wechem, Cotty Chubb
Line producer: Erwin Godschalk
Production design: Alfred Schaaf
Broadcaster: RTL Entertainment
Co producer: Sim van Veen
Producers: Maarten Swart and Reinout Oerlemans
Production Company: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama B.V. 

Technical Information:
Original Title: Het Diner / 1:1,85 / Colour / 88 minutes / 5.1 / Dutch with English subtitles / DCP and HDCAM SR available / The Netherlands 2013 

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