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By Agamenon Quintero 

Genre: Drama

At the end of 40s, Calixto, a powerful landowner, buys the virginity of Angela, a thirteen-year-old peasant girl. From that day until the day she dies, Angela suffers Calixto´s abuse based in this social practice. 

Ruben Guevara (Calixto)
Ruz Mary Morales (Angela)
Salma Tafur (Carlina)
Luz Londoño (Carmen)
Roamir Pineda (Juan)
Claudia Julio (Petrona)
Antonio Dumetz (Moises)  

Director Biography:
AGAMENON QUINTERO is a Colombian film director who, after graduating from Film School in 2010, founded the Cordoba Film Festival, of which he is the director. ANGELA is his third feature film. 

Director Statement:
ANGELA is a film set in the 40s, but the practices of child marriage it depicts still continue to happen in contemporary Colombia and Latin America. Our intention with this film was to give Angela a voice which could speak on behalf of all the women who have had to endure these abuses. 

Director: Agamenon Quintero
Screenwriter: Salma Tafur, Agamenon Quintero
Producers: Agamenon Quintero, Salma Tafur, Ruben Guevara, Randolph Harrison, Miguel Urrutia
Cinematographer: Miguel Urrutia

Technical Information:
Original Title: Ángela / Aspect Ratio: 16:9 / Colour / 90’ / Audio 5.1 / Spanish / Colombia 2019 

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