The Rain Falls Where It Will

The Rain Falls Where It Will

by Majid Barzegar

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Sara works as an experienced and respected nurse in one of the busiest hospitals in Tehran where she quietly takes away the lives of her patients who have lost all hope in recovery. All seems to go well for her, until she is asked to take care of a private patient in his villa by the sea.


Nazanin Ahmadi

Alireza Sani Far

Mazdak Mirabedini

Director Bio

Majid Barzegar is a leading figure of Iranian arthouse cinema who has works as a writer, producer, and director. Throughout his career, he has received countless nominations, awards, and been selected for competition at Berlinale, Rotterdam, San Sebastian, among many others. 

Director Statement

Suicide is often perceived as cowardly or selfish. But those who choose to finish their lives with a dignified ending are worthy of respect for their courage and self-sacrifice. In recent years, medical ethics have posed meaningful questions about patients lacking symptoms of life. By keeping them alive, are we prolonging life or death?

Original Title: ABR BARANASH GEREFTEH | 104‘ | Aspect ratio: 2.39 | Farsi OV

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