The Friendly Man

The Friendly Man

by Iberê Carvalho

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After a video gone viral, a successful rockstar is trapped in a controversy that involves the death of a police officer. From being awed to being despised by everyone, he embarks on a journey through the night of Sao Paulo, where he will have to face his own demons and the current political turmoil.


Paulo Miklos - Aurélio

Thaíde - Béstia                                    

Bruno Torres - Carlão

Theo Werneck - Nico

Murilo Grossi - Sargento

Dandara de Moraes - Helena

Tamirys - Tamirys

Geraldo Rodrigues

Fernanda Rocha - Nilda

Director Bio

The Friendly Man (O Homem Cordial) will be the second feature film for award-winning Brazilian filmmaker Iberê Carvalho. His first film, The Last Drive-In Theater (O Último Cine Drive-in), was named best Brazilian film of 2015 by the newspaper Folha de São Paulo. Amongst others, was awarded as Best Picture at the Punta del Este 18th International Film Festival and in 43º Festival Internacional de Gramado.

Director Statement

Almodóvar stated that if he had a son he would be very worried about the world his son would inherit. I have a son. He is 5 years old. And I'm very worried. I must say that when this film was being written and shot none of us would imagine that Brasil would elect a far-right candidate as president. It is in this Brazil that the story takes place.

The emergence of a wave of hatred and intolerance with strong traces of fascism is shown from the point of view of a white, sixty-year-old, heterosexual, rich man that, from his privileged social status, finds himself impotent, without knowing how to react to this reality that presents itself.

The screenplay takes form of a modern thriller (as “Victoria” by  Sebastian Schipper)  and was written by me (Iberê) and Pablo Stoll, one of the authors of “Whisky” (2004) (Un Certain Regard at Cannes and Goya Best Foreign Film Award).


Director                                          Iberê Carvalho

Producers                                       Carvalho, Pablo Stoll

Cinematographer                           Pablo Baião

Editor                                              Nina Galanternick

Art Director                                    Maíra Carvalho

Executive Producers                       Rune Tavares, Rodrigo Sarti Werthein, Camila Ciolin

Sound                                            Marcos Manna, Daniel Turini e Fernando Henna

Soundtrack                                    Sascha Kratzer

Casting                                          Alice Wolfenson, Guilherme Angeli


Best Actor Award and Best Soundtrack Award at Gramado Film Festival

Original Title: O Homem Cordial | 90’ | Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 | Colour | Audio 5.1 | Portuguese OV | Brazil 2019

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