La Tirisia

La Tirisia

by Jorge Pérez Solano

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Cheba (Adriana Paz) and Ángeles Miguel (Gabriela Cartol) got pregnant from the same man, Silvestre (Gustavo Sánchez Parra). He was Cheba’s lover while her husband was working abroad. He is also Ángeles’s stepfather. Now Cheba’s husband is back. On another hand, Ángeles’s mother doesn’t want her daughter to keep the baby. The two women need to decide what to do with their new born children. 
They have to confront their own needs and desires. “La Tirisia” portraits the life of two women – and their friends -- in an isolated village, where they all live trapped, forgotten and sick with Tirisia, an illness of the soul.

Awards & Festivals

German Premiere at Osnabrück FF!
“Sony D-Cinema Award” for Best Director at Skip City International D-Cinema Festival (Japan)!
In Competition at Skip City Film Festival!
Karlovy Vary 2014 (Main Competition)
Guadalajara International Film Festival (Best Actor – Gustavo Sánchez Parra)
Golden Alexander (Best Feature Film Award) at Thessaloniki International Film Festival !
Selected in “Bright Future” section at Rotterdam Int’l Film Festival!
Roger Ebert Award at Chicago International Film Festival!
“LA TIRISIA instills empathy through its director’s strong sense of visual composition and handling of difficult themes. Setting his film in a surreal, sensual landscape in Oaxaca, Mexico, this subtle drama of two pregnant women transports viewers to a unique part of the world, but deals with universal human emotion at the same time. It’s the kind of unforgettable journey that only film can replicate.”
In Competition at Cinelatino Toulouse!
Winner of CCAS Prize and Rail d’Oc Prize at Cine Latino Toulouse!
Nominated for 6 ARIEL (Mexican Academy of Film Award), among which Best Actress, Best Female Revelation (2X) and Best Cinematography!
Ariel 2015: LA TIRISIA won Best Actress (Adriana Paz) and Best Supporting Actor (Noé Hernandez)!
UK Premiere at Edinburg Int’l Film Festival!


Gustavo Sánchez Parra: Silvestre
Adriana Paz: Cheba
Noé Hernández: Canelita
Gabriela Cartol: Ángeles Miguel
Mercedes Hernández: Serafina
Alfredo Herrera: Carmelo

Director Bio

Jorge Pérez Solano was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. After graduating in Direction and Screenplay and in Communications Sciences, Solano worked as Assistant Director, Film Editor, and Second Unit Director for many Mexican films. He made documentary and cultural programming for four main TV channels in Mexico. His first feature film, SPIRAL, participated in several film festivals. LA TIRISIA is Solana's second film.

Director Statement

“When I was shooting my first feature in a small town in Oaxaca, I saw a lot of children living with their grandparents because their mothers abandoned them to live with another man. In LA TIRISIA I wanted to explore this problem from the women side. Their struggle to reach happiness again and how it’s impossible, because these women and their communities get sick with a soul disease called Tirisia, a perpetual sadness.”

Cast Bio

Gustavo Sánchez Parra
Born and raised in Mexico City, Parra has participated in several short films long feature films. He won the Ariel (Mexican Academy Award) for Best Supporting Actor in AMORES PERROS (González Iñárritu) and the Guadalajara Film Fest. Best Actor Mayahuel Award for his performance in RAGE and LA TIRISIA. He also played in LEAP YEAR (Michael Rowe), winner of the Golden Camera in 2010 Cannes FF, in JUST WALKING (Agustín Díaz Yanes), THE LEGEND OF ZORRO (Martin Campbell), THE THREE BURIALS OF MELQUIADES ESTRADA (Tommy Lee Jones) and MAN ON FIRE (Tony Scott).

Adriana Paz
After studying Theater at the Mexico National University, Paz has participated in several short and long feature films. Born in Mexico City, Adriana Paz has worked with very prestigious directors: Carlos Carrera, Carlos Cuarón and Jorge Michel Grau among others. She played in BACKYARD (Carlos Carrera) and won several awards and an Ariel nomination for RUDO Y CURSI Best Supporting Actress. Paz is the main actress in 2014 HILDA (Andrés Clariond) and LA TIRISIA (Jorge Pérez Solano) – both to be released in 2014.


Director: Jorge Pérez Solano
Screenplay: Jorge Pérez Solano
DOP: César Gutiérrez Miranda
Editor: Francisco X. Rivera
Art Director: Lola Ovando
Sound: Galileo Galaz
Music: Rubén Luengas “Pasatono”
Producers: César Gutiérrez Miranda & Jorge Pérez Solano
Production Company: TIRISIA CINE, with the IMCINE – CONACULTA, FOPROCINE Support.

Original Title: La Tirisia / Arri Alexa RAW / 1.85 & 2.39 / Colour / 110' / Dolby Digital 5.1 / Spanish with English subtitles / DCP 
México 2014 

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