Certified Mail

Certified Mail

by Hisham Saqr

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Since her husband went to jail, Hala has to face her suicidal thoughts alone. Her strength has to come from within as society does not help nor forgive a depressed woman  - especially if she’s a mother.





Director Bio

Hisham Saqr was born in Cairo and has more than ten years of experience as an editor in the Egyptian film industry. Saqr has worked with a number of acclaimed Egyptian directors. Certified Mail is his first feature film.

Director Statement

I made a film about the idea of loss and how one can surprisingly find the inner strength to deal with it. It is about how a normal person who is emotionally fragile copes with this; incomprehensible emotions such as anxiety and depression that lead to suicidal thoughts. I have personally gone through all these feelings and thoughts so I started to think: What if the main character was a woman who has just had a child? Society is asking a lot of her, especially when being a mother and having her own child adds much more to the illogical fear and anxiety of losing even her own new-born girl. These complex emotions and how she finds a way to cope with them is what I am examining in my film.

Cast Bio

The Egyptian actress, also appearing in Media Luna’s Sheikh Jackson, first garnered the attention of a Western audience with a recurring role in FX drama show Tyrant.

Passant Shawky
She is known for the TV series Qabeel (2019), Kalabsh 2 (2018) and the movie Diamond Dust (2018).


DOP: Mostafa Sheshtawy            

Editor: Hisham Saqr

Sound: Ibrahim Dessoky 

Costume designer: Heba Hosny

Set designer: Hanan Crolos

Original score: Ahmed Saleh


World Premiere at TIFF

Best Soundtrack at CineMed Film Festival in Montpellier


Original Title: Bi ‘Elem El Wossoul | 95‘ | Colour | Audio 5.1 | Arabic OV | Egypt 2019

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