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By Elena Tikhonova

Russian Oligarch Igor is as rich as he is extravagant: He plans to build his brand new villa right on a world famous and preserved bridge in the middle of Vienna! To bribe all the politicians, he needs the help of his interpreter Nadja. But Nadja has her own idea of what to do with all the bribe money.

(Comedy, 2019, Austria)


522 - Image

By Paco R. Baños

George, a cynical agoraphobic woman bounded by the amount of 522 steps she can take around her house, faces the death of her only real companion, her cat. To grant its remains a proper burial place and overcome her sickness momentarily, she transfers her entire home into a van and embarks on a road trip back to her motherland, Portugal. There, she will discover, among “saudade” and “fados”, a particular manner to deal with her past and the absence of her father.

(Comedy, Drama, 2019)


Mosh - Image

By Juan Antonio Bisonó

Mosh, a sixteen year old dancer lives in the slums with her mother and her cousin Geronimo, an aspiring rapper. As her mother’s health worsens and Geronimo gets in trouble with dangerous people, an unexpected visit changes the family‘s fortunes.

(Drama, 2019, Dominican Republic)


The Projectionist - Still

By José Maria Cabral

Eliseo is confined to live his existence infatuated with a woman who is present only through a projected film reel. On an eventful night, the reels are damaged and Eliseo is left completely devoid of any connection with his beloved projection. In this new existence, he is plunged into a search for the real identity of the woman he so passionately and lustfully loved for so many years but in order to accomplish this journey he must appeal to all he knows, project movies, in the most remote and poorest areas in the Dominican Republic, accompanied by a free-spirited girl that will show him that blood is thicker than water in more ways than one.

(Drama, 2018, Dominican Republic)



By Gustavo Sánchez

New York City. Over a decade, the director delves into the private world of four of the Big Apple’s most famous underground artists and trans activists: Amanda Lepore, Chloe Dzubilo, Sophia Lamar and T De Long. The result is an intimate portrait of these icons: little by little, their testimonies reveal fragments of a past – sometimes dramatic, always fascinating and simply extraordinary – that formed their identities and transformed their lives. Their words, fears and hopes take the audience from an outsider’s point of view to becoming emotionally invested in their destiny.

(Documentary, 2018, Spain)


The Cake General - Still

By Filip Hammar & Fredrik Wikingsson

Sweden, 1985: the TV-show Rekord-Magazinet announces Köping to be the most boring city in the country. While the long-time residents of the town ignore the news, a middle-aged newcomer called Hasse P. decides to hit back at the "Stockholm snobs" by baking the world’s longest layer cake, bringing the town together in the process.

(Comedy, 2018, Sweden)



By Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli

Just out of high school, Lavinia, Carla and Danila leave for a yachting holiday. Accompanied only by a skipper, the three of them sail along the Croatian coast at the start of a new stage in their lives. Full of dreams, free and laid-back, they are unaware that sharing everything on the social media is about to transform their holiday into a brutal rite of passage to adulthood in which nothing, especially their friendship, will ever be the same again.

(Drama, 2018, Croatia)



Beate - Still

By Samad Zarmandili

In the northeast of Italy, the workers of a lingerie factory are about to be fired. Not far away, a handful of nuns, skilled in the art of embroidery and devoted to the Blessed Armida, risk being removed from their beloved convent. To oppose a destiny already marked, workers and nuns join forces and start a "business" outside the rules in the hopes that a miracle will help them keep the convent and the factory.

(Comedy, 2018, Italy)


Averno - Still

By Marcos Loayza

Young bootblack Tupah embarks on a frantic quest to find his uncle lost in the Averno. In a dangerous journey through the underworld, he faces his greatest fears, as myth and reality get endlessly intertwined and the death-loaded night in La Paz unveils the surreal face of the imaginary of the Andes.

(Adventure/Fantasy, 2018, Uruguay)


ZOOks - Still

By Kristoff & Dimitri Leue,

In a kingdom where man and nature are segregated, twelve year old Robin runs off into the forbidden forest where she meets Wolf, the young true heir to the throne.
Robin, Wolf and some unexpected allies set in motion an adventure which will topple the Bad King and restore balance between man and nature.

(Animation, 2018, Belgium)


A Dysfunctional Cat - Still

By Susan Gordanshekan,

Mina’s family has introduced her to few potential husbands in Iran. She has rejected them all until she meets Kian, a surgeon who has travelled from Germany in search of a wife. It’s not love at first sight, but the seduction of life in Europe that makes her consent. In his mid-thirties Kian is desperate for a wife to make his life appear complete. He takes his new bride back home, but marriage to a virtual stranger is more difficult than they imagined.

(Drama, 2018, Germany)


Anna's War - Still

By Aleksey Fedorchenko

Soviet Union, 1941: a Jewish girl regains consciousness under a layer of black earth. Close-ups of milky-white body parts reveal she is in a mass grave. The images are of great beauty despite all their horror. Anna is six years old and hides herself in a disused fireplace of the Nazi commandant’s office. From there she views the war and life passing by. The guard dog outside imprisons her. The threat of discovery is constant.
Her ingenuity, the items left behind by the slowly alternating visitors and the treasures she discovers in the adjacent rooms help her survive, simultaneously creating some absurdist, theatrical moments.

(Drama, 2018, Russia)



By Agamenon Quintero

At the end of 40s, Calixto, a powerful landowner, buys the virginity of Angela, a thirteen-year-old peasant girl. From that day until the day she dies, Angela suffers Calixto´s abuse based in this social practice.

(Drama, 2018, Colombia)


Ana By Day - Still

By Andrea Jaurrieta

Ana is a young, well-educated Spanish woman from a traditional middle-class family. She is about to finish her PhD in Law and get married but she doesn‘t feel fulfilled. One day, a double appears and takes her place. Realizing for the first time that she is totally free, Ana decides to explore her new anonymity and freedom, testing her own limits and searching for the meaning of life between a boarding house and cabaret nights in Madrid.

(Thriller, Drama, 2018)



By Saskia Diesing

Coco is a chaotic young woman, who is embroiled in a hopeless affair with Hans, recently divorced and in his fifties. She has no idea what to do with her life, until she discovers her mother is seriously ill. Wholeheartedly, she embraces this new purpose in life and moves in with her to help, ignoring their distant relationship, as well as her mother's desire to be left alone.

(Netherlands 2018, Drama)



By Sebastiano Mauri

United States, the 50s. Amongst stuffed poodles, whiskey infused teas, sinful mambo lessons and threats of alien invasions, Mrs. Fairytale spends her days locked in her dream home and without a moment of breath. A surreal world where the aspirations and hopes of our characters take shape then collide, crash and finally come true. A dream, perhaps, where anyone can finally be who they want to be, but behind which hides another upsetting reality.

(LGBT, Comedy, Drama, 2017 Italy)


Do It Yourself - Still

By Dimitris Tsilifonis

A small time crook agrees to star in a viral video which can restore the public image of a prominent businessman. What he didn’t expect is that he would end up fighting for his life after the “director” of the viral video, a powerful gangster, decides he is an expendable part of his plan.

(Action, Thriller, 2017, Greece)


The Unseen - Still

By Nicolás Puenzo,

A pregnant Quechua girl and her creole partner escape from a refugee camp. On their trek south across the Bolivian Highlands, now a barren wasteland controlled by bloody militia groups, they meet Ruiz, a 50-year-old, war-scarred photographer who seeks to save them from the war zone, salvaging what remains of his humanity.

(Drama, Thriller, 2017 Argentina)


Different Kinds Of Rain - Still

By Isa Prahl

Mike has locked himself in for weeks. He is not sick. He has consciously decided not to take part in the life outside anymore. And his parents or sister cannot do anything about it. All they can do is stand in front of the locked door and prompt, plead, ask, lose it, despair, accuse, ignore, and hope. In the process, the door increasingly turns into a mirror of their own stories.

(Drama, 2017, Germany)


Virginia Casta - Still

By Claudio Cataño

Devastated by her recent break up, Virginia Casta attempts to jump from a balcony. But, far from ending her life, she becomes an infamous social media personality. Between rock music, tears and frenzy with a scruffy musician, two dysfunctional friends and a pothead grandmother, Virginia discovers the meaning of friendship and a way out from this mess. Until her ex shows up again.

(Romance, 2017, Columbia)




By Amr Salama

The news of Michael Jackson's death take an Islamic cleric, known as "Jackson" during his school days, by surprise. But what does a preacher have in common with the King of Pop? More importantly, his struggle to conciliate his life as a preacher with his past life and relationships raise the most prominent question in his mind: is he the Sheikh, Jackson, or both?

(Drama, 2017, Egypt)


Swap Night - Still

By Ignacio Nacho

At 40-something, Jaime is an ordinary guy married to Eva, who with her lack of intellectual resources thinks he's a prophet. They decide to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary at a swingers’ party in an attempt to revive their marriage. But what promised to be a pleasant evening ends with Jaime coming up with a bizarre plan to escape the party

(Comedy, 2017, Spain)



By Patrick Makin

Stuck with a crazy boss, a jealous girlfriend, and a pushy father, Toby Simpson spends his life thinking of everyone else but himself. On his birthday things take a turn for a worse when his train home is cancelled and he finds himself on a coach full of young people going to the local music festival. At first it isn’t so bad as he finds himself sitting next to a friendly Czech girl, Renata. But then he is pickpocketed. Fuming, he heads into the festival with the girl, determined to find the thief, but ends up finding love and freedom instead.

(United Kingdom, 2017, Romance/Comedy)



The Death of Marga Maier

After a storm hit the town of Punta Indio, the corpse of Marga Maier is found on the riverbanks, obviously killed by a sharp stone. Even though the scared murderer confesses the crime, he keeps a secret of the whereabouts of his weapon. Everyone starts believing in a local legend of a cursed diamond, and from now on it will show what each one of them is willing to do to get it.

(Argentina 2017, Western, Thriller, Drama)



By Julia Halperin & Jason Cortlund

A young British woman named Sinaloa hitchhikes deep into Texas to meet Merle, her half-sister by way of their dead country musician father. As the two women get to know each other, Sinaloa’s chaotic influence starts to unravel Merle’s stable life. While the family music legacy brought this stranger to town, darker motives are woven into the songs she sings.

(USA 2017, Suspense, Drama)


Boozer - Still

By Armando Casas

Mateo and his best friend David are architects and prepare the most important presentation of their lives: they will have to convince a foreign investor to support their project. Problem: Mateo suffers from extreme shyness and panic attacks. So, to calm down, he takes a sip of a drink, unwillingly creating his nemesis: Malacopa, who crashes the presentation and persuades the investors to close the deal. But then he also tries to take over Mateo’s personal life, causing a chain of misunderstandings.

(Mexico 2017 ; Comedy)

ROOM 213

ROOM 213

By Emelie Lindblom

Summer vacation after 6th grade and Elvira, 12, is going on a camp. She and her two roommates Meja and Bea will stay in room 213 – where no one has lived for sixty years. Soon inexplicable events start to happen. A letter with an ancient handwriting leads the girls to an old lady in a run-down house in the woods. The lady tells them that a girl died at the camp sixty years ago. And since then a red-haired girl in a white dress has been sneaking around in the corridors at night.

(Sweden 2017 ; Horror)