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Certified Mail - Still

By Hisham Saqr,

Since her husband went to jail, Hala has to face her suicidal thoughts alone. Her strength has to come from within as society does not help nor forgive a depressed woman - especially if she’s a mother.

(Drama, Egypt 2019)



Boy Meets Gun - Still

By Joost van Hezik

When the bored out evolutionary philosopher Maarten Moreau gets caught up in a robbery, he accidentally gets hold of the murder weapon. Seized by a renewed appetite for life, Maarten decides to keep the gun. A true romance blossoms between the boy and the gun, not without consequences.

(Black Comedy, Crime, Netherlands 2019)


Thin Blood - Still

By Mehrdad Taheri,

To escape a long prison sentence, Gabriel strikes a deal with his prosecutors. He must infiltrate the clan of his former boss, Murat Kaplan, and provide information to smash his drug cartel. But a failed deal and involvement in a murder escalates the situation. Suddenly Gabriel stands in the middle and needs to find a way out.

(Thriller, Drama, Germany 2019)



My Name Is Sara

By Steven Oritt

Based on the true-life story of a 13 year-old Polish Jew who lost her family to the holocaust in September of 1942. After a grueling escape to the Ukraine, Sara takes her Christian best friend’s identity and finds refuge in a small village, where she hides in plain sight, masquerading as an Orthodox Christian in the Ukrainian countryside.

(History, Drama, 2019, Poland)


The Steed

By Erdenebileg Ganbold

During the Russian Revolution in Mongolia, a nomad boy begins his journey with his mother’s guidance. She raises him to trust in the only gift she could give him: a horse who becomes his best friend. After being cruelly separated from everything he loves, the boy sets off on a journey to find his steed. An epic story about family, love, devotion and kinship with one's homeland.

(Adventure, Drama, 2019, Mongolia)



By Bhaskar Hazarika

Married Niri shares a forbidden passion with Sumon, who introduces her to a world of fresh, wild delicacies. But as their unconsummated desire mounts, the two are pushed inexorably towards transgression and taboo.

(Drama, 2019, India)



The Friendly Man - Still

By Iberê Carvalho

After a video gone viral, a successful rockstar is trapped in a controversy that involves the death of a police officer. From being awed to being despised by everyone, he embarks on a journey through the night of Sao Paulo, where he will have to face his own demons and the current political turmoil.

(Drama, 2019, Brazil)


We had It Coming - Still

By Paul Barbeau

With no financial means, and the legal system having failed her, Anna decides to take action against a pimp she believes responsible for her younger sister's suicide.
Accompanied by her girlfriend Olivia, she travels to his whereabouts so she can stalk him with no clear plan or apparent objective. As they observe the dangerous criminal more closely, they notice that a mysterious woman acts as a front to recruit innocent girls.
While Anna's stoic grief and dark obsession increases every day, Olivia's plea for her lover to move on with her life will fall on deaf ears

(Thriler, Drama, 2019, Canada)