Catalogue : Upcoming Films


By Antonio Hens  

Genre: Comedy

Log Line:
Starring Carmen Maura as a fallen rock star 

Laura is a legendary Spanish rock singer who ruined her career and now lives in an elderly people’s home. She tries to cheer up her mates there by putting up a folk band though Marta, the principal, doesn’t like it. Out of the blue, Laura receives the visit of an unknown grandson, Jaime, who asks her to teach him how to be a rock musician. She decides to let herself go and she helps him, she will even write a song for him to use in a rock band contest. But in order to participate they would need to make up a band and Laura had pulled out a long time ago. 




By Frank Spano 

Genre: Thriller

Log Line:
A criminal named Nando returns to his native Latin America after 30 years, with just one thing in mind—taking an organ from a human victim and smuggling it back to the United States. On this trip, Nando relives memories of his own violent past, which makes him think twice about redeeming his future. 

Nando is an immigrant who lived in Rapid City, South Dakota, 30 years ago. A successful criminal career has won him the respect of his organization, and they have assigned him a delicate job: obtain a human liver for a high-profile client. Nando is a lonely man, with a past which will begin to haunt him from deep inside. After failing to snatch a liver from a girl in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Nando realizes that this mistake can cause him real trouble. So he decides to go to Medellin, Colombia where he was born. He only has 7 days to obtain a liver and bring it back to the United States;
otherwise he will be eliminated by his own organization.
While back in Medellin he relives his memories of being a homeless kid with his street siblings, Walter and Antonia, and the sacrifices he made... 

Marlon Moreno