Catalogue : Rainbow Velvet


By Chi Yuarn Lee 

Awards & Festivals:
Mannheim-Heidelberg (Special Mention Award)
Tokyo (Wind of Asia Award)
Taipei (In Competition)
Hong Kong GLBT
Torino GLBT a.o  

Genre: Romance, Drama

Before they could figure out what was happening, Xiao-Bu finds herself in a cat fight with Angel over a cigarette, Amy sleeps with Xiao-Bu’s boxer boyfriend, and Angel kisses Xiao-Bu. What could be worse? All three girls fall in love, feel hurt, forget and have experiences that are as random as 17 year-old Xiao-Bu’s coin toss which decides her future relationship with Angel. 

Angel - Angel Yao
Xiao - Bu Amiya Lee
Amy - Chien-Hui Liao
Cake - Pin Chuan Kao
School Boy - Hao Chiang
Brother - Yuan-Yih Lee
Angel’s Father - Glen Chin  

Director Biography:
Lee Chi-Yuarn is a widely acclaimed writer and poet in his native country Taiwan and works as an assistant professor at the National Taipei University of Arts Film Department. After a few short films he wrote the award-winning script for his first feature film HURRICANE FESTIVAL, which won several prizes at international film festivals. Also his following feature films, CHOCOLATE RAP and BEAUTIFUL CRAZY, have been successful world wide and received numerous awards. His film BLOWFISH is continuing its successes! 

Director Statement:
If I ever enjoyed the mystical moment my actors and my crews constantly gave me during the shooting, I think is because Beautiful Crazy never has a complete plot. I wrote the idea for the scenario instead. Every incident happened to three teen girls in the story is not followed by a chronological order, whereas is by a poetic sequentiality. This is a film about time, memory and love. 

Cast Biography:
Angel Yao was a top commercial model before entering the film industry. She trained in acting at Taipei National University of the Arts under Director Lee’s supervision, participating in several short film productions. Her subtlety of expression has earned her numerous accolades in her feature debut, BEAUTIFUL CRAZY. She was recognized as a “Shining Star” in the 2008 Taipei Film Festival, and has recently appeared in popular Taiwanese television dramas.

Amiya Lee has a straightforward, no-nonsense personality, and also appears in BEAUTIFUL CRAZY. Her previous short film “Patio”, released in 2008, raised anticipation for her future career. Currently, she studies Philosophy at Fu Jen Catholic University.

Yi Chiau Liao is the typical girl next door-- she enjoys watching movies, traveling, drawing and
dreaming. She has the sensibility and vulnerability to perform the most difficult, verbally sexual and exploitative scene in BEAUTIFUL CRAZY. 

Writer - Chi Yuarn Lee, Fu-Hsing Hsu
Cinematography - Leonard Retel Helmrich
Editor - Chi Yuarn Lee, Meng-Jie Lai
Art Director - Chloe Tang
Music - Yoshihiro Hanno
Producer - Li-Fen Chien 

Technical Information:
Original Title: Luan Qing Chun / HD / 1.85:1 / Colour / 97 min / Dolby SRD / Mandarin with English subtitles / 35mm & HD Cam available / Taiwan 2008 

News & Reviews

  • Taipei Times - 20 April 2009

    "With Beautiful Crazy (亂青春), director Lee Chi-yuan (李啟源) breaks from the conventional approach to storytelling in an attempt to capture the fluidity of time, love and memory. The result is a cinematic poem about three teenage girls and their friendship, desires and betrayals, in which the time in a linear sense collapses and non-chronological montages drive the story. Fragments of the characters’ lives from the past, present and future intertwine, and the past is juxtaposed with and thrust into the present in the same way that one’s memory is constantly filtered, transformed and re-interpreted."


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