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By Mauro Sarser, Marcela Matta 

Awards & Festivals:
Official Selection at Mar del Plata, Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva and Cine Global Dominicano!
US Premiere at Cinequest IFF!

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Highlight: Music by Carlos Gardel and Francisco Fattoruso

Clara, divorced with two children, wants to secure her relationship with Fausto, an immature, pretentious and grumpy intellectual. Paula, a spoiled young woman, wants to have a baby with Martin, who works in advertising but also has artistic aspirations. These two couples are facing the disjunctive of choosing between fatherhood, professional achievement and sexual freedom. The Moderns treats these issues from a critical perspective, questioning how the values of contemporary world are governed. 

Noelia Campo
Mauro Sarser
Federico Guerra
Stefania Tortorella

Director Biography:
Both studied in the School of Cinema of Uruguay (ECU in Spanish) and have worked in independent productions together in the past 12 years. Matta works as a producer and director in Tevé Ciudad, a public TV Channel of Montevideo, since 2002. The second edition of her poetry book, Muñeca, has just been published. Sarser is also an actor, an editor and a musician. In 2011 they wrote the script, produced and edited the film “3 Million” directed by Jaime Roos and Yamandú Roos.
Los Modernos is the first feature film they wrote and directed.

Director Statement:
The Moderns talks about conflicts that are very close to us, but set as a fable with a place for humor and fantasy.
The film deals with issues we believe are very deep, like fatherhood, commitment or sexual freedom, in an entertaining and engaging way.
Structure wise, we wanted to make a classic film, using a universal code. Our wish was to make a film that we wanted to see.
At the same time it is a story that speaks of our city and our little place in the world.
"Paint your village and you will paint the whole world."

Cast Biography:
NOELIA CAMPO graduated from the School of Theatre Action Alambique in 1999, and in Social Communication from the Catholic University of Uruguay in 2000. In movies she starred with Dario Grandinetti and Norman Briski in “La Peli" feature by Argentine director Gustavo Postiglione. Noelia worked with renowned theater directors in countless plays for over 15 years and she is a recognized figure in the Uruguayan TV.
FEDERICO GUERRA is an actor and playwright. In 2011 he released his first play of authorship "Snorkel", which starred himself. He received numerous awards for it and was held in Montevideo billboard for five consecutive seasons. In 2014 he released "I hate to hear them eating," a play written and directed by himself as well.
STEFANÍA TORTORELLA graduated from the National School of Dramatic Arts in Montevideo. In cinema stands her participation in films like "Speed of Thought", an American film directed by Evan Oppenheimer; "Good riddance", directed by Mark Street, and "The Moderns" by Mauro Sarser and Marcela Matta. She has acted in several short films, including "La Mar was Serena" Paul Schulkin, with which was selected in the International Huesca Film Festival in Spain; "Variations" by Martin Klein; "Museum" fashion film by Nacho Alvarez, among others. She also worked on several Uruguayan television series, including "Addiction" and "Dance", as well as in music videoclips from bands like “El Cuarteto de Nos” and ”Mandrake Wolf y los Terapeutas”.

Written, directed and edited by: Mauro Sarser and Marcela Matta
Cinematography: Germán Luongo
Producer: Leticia Barreiro
Assistant director: Nefeli Forni
Sound: Gabriel Guerrero and Maximiliano Martinez
Costume: Valeria Piriz

Technical Information:
Original Title: Los Modernos / Canon C300, MXF / 16:9 / Black and white / 134 min / Spanish with English subtitles / Uruguay 2016 

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