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By Isa Prahl 

Awards & Festivals:
World Premiere at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (Winner of Best Film)  

Genre: Drama

Highlight: The feature film debut of award-winning German director Isa Prahl, starring Bjarne Mädel and Bibiana Beglau.

Mike has locked himself in for weeks. He is not sick. He has consciously decided not to take part in the life outside anymore. And his parents or sister cannot do anything about it. All they can do is stand in front of the locked door and prompt, plead, ask, lose it, despair, accuse, ignore, and hope. In the process, the door increasingly turns into a mirror of their own stories. 

Bjarne Mädel (Thomas)
Bibiana Beglau (Susanne)
Emma Bading (Miriam)
Janina Fautz (Elli)
Louis Hofmann (Oliver)  

Director Biography:
ISA PRAHL’s first social spot won the Young Director Award in Cannes. Her short film Ausreichend won the First Steps Award in Germany. Since then, she has directed numerous ads and social spots with her production company the beauty aside. Different Kinds of Rain is her first feature film. 

Director Statement:
A conflict taking place in front of a locked door, a metaphor of collapsing social structure. Each of the three protagonists escapes out of the family nest and tries to cope with an unsolvable problem until the family is on the verge of breaking apart. I consciously decided on the family’s perspective. It is a radical view on the disorientation and forlornness of the characters, who cannot change their son’s and brother’s decision, regardless of what they do. 

Cast Biography:
BJARNE MÄDEL is a popular German actor, known for Stromberg, Mord mit Aussicht and Crime Scene Cleaner.

BIBIANA BEGLAU has been the recipient of many awards, including the Berlinale Silver Bear for best actress. In addition to theatrical engagements at German-speaking theatres, she has performed in many film and television productions including The Murderer and His Child, The Ninth Day, 3 Degrees Colder and Under the Ice.

Director: Isa Prahl
Producer: Melanie Andernach
Writer: Karin Kaci
DOP: Andreas Köhler

Technical Information:
Original Title: 1000 Arten, Regen zu Beschreiben / Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1 Colour / 91’ / Audio 5.1 / German / Germany 2017  

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